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The Sokodae: a West African Dance: ISF Monograph 7

Drid Williams was a professional dancer for thirty years before becoming a social  anthropologist.  She  completed  graduate  degrees  from  St.  Hugh’s College,  Oxford,  in  1976.  She  has  recently  completed  a  book  for  the University  of  Illinois  Press  entitled  Anthropology  and  The  Dance:  Ten Lectures   (Urbana-Champaign,   2004).   She   has   done   fieldwork   among Carmelite   nuns,   Dominican   friars   and   the   Royal   BaIlet   Company   in England and among Aboriginal communities in Northern Queensland. She has  taught  at  Moi  University  in  Kenya;  at  the  University  of  Sydney, Australia; and New York and Indiana Universities in the United States. She is   founder   of   the   Journal   for   the   Anthropological   Study   of   Human Movement (JASHM), first published in 1980, and she is the architect of a theory of human actions called semasiology.
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