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New Audio! Idries Shah talks about Sufism, among many other things:
Idries Shah reads a tale and talks about Man, Psychology and Sufism:
Idries Shah reads some short stories and reflections of his own:
Idries Shah narrates to a group of children some stories from the Middle East:
BBC Schools broadcasted the enactment of Nasrudin’s tale His Excellency, featured in The Exploits of the Incomparable Mullah Nasrudin:
BBC Schools broadcasted a play inspired by the tale Melon City:
Idries Shah as a guest in a BBC Radio programme, reading from The Dermis Probe and discussing other topics:
BBC Schools and a play inspired by The King Who Decided to be Generous, from Tales of the Dervishes:


Doris Lessing about the Sufi Way con Subtítulos en Español

Idries Shah Radio Interview con Subtítulos en Español

Idries Shah Questions and Answers con Subtítulos en Español

One Pair of Eyes: Dreamwalkers, Full Documentary con Subtítulos en Español