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Relaunch: The Subtleties of the Inimitable Mulla Nasrudin


Mulla Nasrudin Last month, ISF relaunched The Subtleties of the Inimitable Mulla Nasrudin. It’s a selection of tales about the eponymous Middle Eastern joke character Mulla Nasrudin. The jokes are widespread- the Mulla is called Goha in Egypt (Joha in other Arab countries), Hershel Ostroplier in many European Jewish jokes, Mushfiki in Tajikstan, and Afanti [...]

Nasrudin Limited Editions


Limited Editions We are extremely happy to announce the release of the 2016 titles in the ISF Collector’s Library. This edition of NASRUDIN, divided into five small numbered hardback volumes, is limited to just 500 sets. You can view more photos of the books on Facebook. In an age of mass-market paperbacks and eBooks, [...]

Nasrudin always chooses badly and foreign thoughts


This article by Paulo Coelho, translated from the Portuguese, is a collection of three stories, one of which is a well known Nasrudin tale. You can read the full article here. We will be collecting articles from around the internet that feature Idries Shah books or Nasrudin tales and we'll be featuring a selection of them [...]

The Pleasantries of the Incredible Mulla Nasrudin


The appeal of Nasrudin is as universal and timeless as the truths he illustrates. His stories are read by children, by scientists and scholars, and by followers of philosophy. Idries Shah assembled this collection of Nasrudin’s trials and tribulations from ancient manuscripts and oral literature, from sources in North Africa and Turkey, the Middle East [...]

The Exploits of the Incomparable Mulla Nasrudin


Mulla Nasrudin, the wise fool of Eastern folklore, holds a special place in Sufi studies. The Sufis, who believe that deep intuition is the only real guide to knowledge, use the humorous stories of Nasrudin’s adventures almost like exercises. They ask people to choose a few which especially appeal to them, and turn them over [...]

The Subtleties of the Inimitable Mulla Nasrudin


Many countries claim Nasrudin as a native, although few have gone so far as Turkey in exhibiting a ‘grave’ of the wisest fool who ever lived, and holding an annual Nasrudin Festival. He is the greatest, most intriguing, character of folklore found in any Eastern land. Versions of his back-to-front thinking can be found in [...]

The World of Nasrudin


Nasrudin is the greatest of all Arab folk heroes, and is found across the Islamic World, from Morocco to Pakistan, and beyond. He is said to have been the wisest fool who ever lived – that is if he ever did live at all. Stories of Nasrudin’s many incarnations are studied by Sufis for their [...]

Martin Maudsley – ‘Stories seed more stories’


About Martin Maudsley Martin Maudsley is a professional storyteller based in South-West England. He has worked for the BBC, the National Trust, the Eden Project and the Soil Association, amongst many other organisations. In 2007 he established the Bristol Storytelling Festival, and was its director for seven years. He integrates music and poetry into his [...]