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‘All knowledge is really available everywhere’ – Idries Shah, Knowing How to Know


With Sufi ideas under threat ISF is reseeding them through its translations project

Award-winning documentary maker, Saira Shah, warns that Sufi ideas and the Sufi outlook are in danger of being forgotten in much of the Islamic world — and argues that her father Idries Shah’s works on Sufi psychology can help renew an ancient tradition.


Idries Shah’s Books Hold the Answers

Kaan Cumalıoğlu heads Destek Publishing in Istanbul. Destek is ISF’s new partner in Turkey or Türkiye. A passionate advocate of Idries Shah’s works on Sufism, Kaan believes his books can provide Turks with the answers in an increasingly complex world.


Blog: The Importance of Storytelling for Children

Once upon a time…in Afghanistan telling and listening to stories was a tradition woven into the daily fabric of life. Dr. Bazger has dedicated his life to ensuring that tradition remains alive.


Blog: On Idries Shah and Sufism by Steven Nightingale

Venture capitalist, philanthropist, author and poet Steven Nightingale argues that Idries Shah’s works on Sufism have a transcendental value allied with their practical and daily usefulness.


Watch ISF’s webinar on the Power of Stories hosted by Saira Shah

How do stories affect the mind? Safia Shah shares some of Idries Shah’s teaching stories, and Saira speaks to a diverse group of educators, scientists, therapists and writers, each using stories to better understand how we think and to bring about change.


Watch ISF's first live online webinar event - Risk, hosted by Saira Shah

In the past year, the whole world has been through an immersive experience - a pandemic that has involved us all personally and which has raised powerful, often terrifying emotions.

At the same time, we have been bombarded with information, and many people are unclear as to how best to use that information in order to assess the level of risk they face.


Watch a new animated version of The Onion read by Safia Shah

We’ve started creating new animated videos of our popular children’s books and we’re proud to present the first in the series – The Onion. It’s read by Safia Shah who has poured all her enthusiasm, creativity and talent – and worked with (surely) the world’s most brilliant illustrators – into adapting some of her father’s Teaching Stories into these beloved editions.



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