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‘All knowledge is really available everywhere’ – Idries Shah, Knowing How to Know


Watch ISF’s webinar on the Power of Stories hosted by Saira Shah

How do stories affect the mind? Safia Shah shares some of Idries Shah’s teaching stories, and Saira speaks to a diverse group of educators, scientists, therapists and writers, each using stories to better understand how we think and to bring about change.


Blog: How Stories Can Help Exercise Your Child’s Brain by Safia Shah

Behind the door of my father’s study was a shelf. On that shelf were three piles, the contents of which were of immense interest to us three children.


Sally Ornstein on GOD 4.0 - 'Shah's influence was pivotal'

Sally M. Ornstein, co-author of God 4.0: On the Nature of Higher Consciousness and the Experience Called ‘God’, speaks exclusively to ISF about her collaboration with pioneering brain researcher Robert Ornstein and the influence of Idries Shah on their ground-breaking new book, published today.


Watch ISF's first live online webinar event - Risk, hosted by Saira Shah

In the past year, the whole world has been through an immersive experience - a pandemic that has involved us all personally and which has raised powerful, often terrifying emotions.

At the same time, we have been bombarded with information, and many people are unclear as to how best to use that information in order to assess the level of risk they face.


Watch a new animated version of The Onion read by Safia Shah

We’ve started creating new animated videos of our popular children’s books and we’re proud to present the first in the series – The Onion. It’s read by Safia Shah who has poured all her enthusiasm, creativity and talent – and worked with (surely) the world’s most brilliant illustrators – into adapting some of her father’s Teaching Stories into these beloved editions.


ISF Gold Medal Award Laureates

The ISF Award Committee has the pleasure to announce the nominations of the very first recipients, each one of whom has made a huge contribution to the humanities or the natural sciences.


The Weirdest People in the World: How the West Became Psychologically Peculiar and Particularly Prosperous

ISF invited author Robert Twigger to review Joseph Henrich's latest book, The Weirdest People In The World, a 700 page polymathic work that threatens to turn much of our thinking about the way the world works on its head.



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