Kara Kush by Idries Shah

‘…a breezy read: impassioned, action-packed, and information-stuffed.’

Kirkus Reviews

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In 1979, Soviet tanks rolled across the borders of Afghanistan, beginning a period of barbaric aggression that marked a turning point in modern history. Convinced that a resistance movement is imperative, and that he is the one to lead it, the Afghan-born, American-schooled Adam Durany quickly returns to his homeland to lead an uprising against the Soviet invasion.

Durany’s rebellion, however, faces insurmountable odds. Not only must he and his band of ill-equipped freedom fighters and agents repulse an occupying superpower from Afghanistan’s cities and valleys, but they must also protect and keep secret from the Russian invaders a hoard of legendary lost gold that was located after centuries, and which the Communists are also desperately seeking.

Based upon Idries Shah’s travels in wartime Afghanistan, and on real-life characters, Kara Kush is a riveting and fast-paced novel about one of the greatest freedom struggles of all times.

‘The best war novel I have read…as exciting as Shogun.’

Doris Lessing

‘…a tour de force of the snow-covered mountains, parched deserts, fecund orchards, dense woods and dirt tracks of a country at war with a superpower.’


‘What sets this novel apart are the Afghans themselves. The reader is brought into contact with a people, a history and traditions peculiarly remote from the conventions of popular fiction.’

Washington Times

‘[Idries Shah] has brought all his skills to bear, blending considerable scholarship with raw experience, and passion with a Sufi's love of paradox. The result is a book as remarkable as the country it portrays.’

Los Angeles Times