The Horrible Dib Dib by Idries Shah

An extremely useful tale of how human emotions are infectious, not just the positive ones. Just as negative thoughts can cascade, so in this book, the Horrible Dib Dib chains many characters in its deathly grip.

A thief attempting to rob an old woman hears her muttering about the Horrible Dib Dib. ‘This abominable Dib Dib will be the death of me,’ she cries. Gripped with paranoia, the thief slinks home in chills, setting off a chain of events that ultimately reveals what exactly this horrible, abominable Dib Dib is, that is worrying the life out of so many people. A wonderful tale that reminds the reader how powerful human thoughts can be, even when they’re misguided.

Formats: Audiobook, Ebook, Hardback

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