The Man and the Fox By Idries Shah

Illustrated by Sally Mallam

A man tricks a young fox into believing that he will give it a chicken. However, the fox gets trapped but, through its ingenuity and perseverance, manages to escape. This story can inspire children to face challenges and to overcome and, sometimes, make use of obstacles in their path.
Sally Mallam’s illustrations provide delightful and imaginative depictions of the characters.
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“As a teaching story, the tale entertains, reinforces literacy and thinking skills, and sets the stage for deeper reflection on what led to the fox’s imprisonment and what he had to do to escape. Sally Mallam’s lively illustrations are suggestive of the layers of meaning contained in the story: her renderings of the man and the fox are sure to delight young readers, and if they look closely they’ll find a second ‘story’ in the margins!”
—Denise Nessel, Ph.D., Consultant and Director of Publications
National Urban Alliance for Effective Education