The Natives are Restless by Idries Shah

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The enthralling sequel to Shah’s best-selling Darkest England, and the second book of his trilogy that lucidly explores the baffling phenomenon of Britishness.

The Natives Are Restless chronicles some of the amazing, amusing, and thought-provoking adventures of Idries Shah, among members of what he calls the ‘English tribe’.

The author’s background gives him a uniquely Eastern and Western perspective from which he weaves a tapestry of characters, commentaries and anecdotes drawn from his many years as an observer of the English mentality. The unsuspecting parallels between English attitudes and Oriental wisdom are just a few of the remarkable observations offered in this work.

Using the practised eye of an anthropologist, Shah describes how the English see themselves, and contrasts it with how the rest of the world views this eccentric island race.