The Tale of Melon City by Idries Shah

How can a mere melon be crowned a king? All too easily, it seems, in a city where basic common sense is in short supply. Its people are willing to accept authority in any shape or form, and their silly former king has ordered his own execution – all because he bumped his head on an arch and couldn’t find someone else to blame! For centuries, this hilarious Central Asian teaching-story about a society where rationality turns in on itself has been a firm favourite with children. But is it really so far-fetched?

The Tale of Melon City is one of many stories collected by the late Afghan author and thinker, Idries Shah.

Formats: Hardcover, Paperback

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‘These teaching-stories can be experienced on many levels. A child may simply enjoy hearing them, an adult may analyse them in a more sophisticated way. Both may eventually benefit from the lessons within.’


‘Shah has collected hundreds of Sufi tales… In this tradition, the line between stories for children and those for adults is not as clear as it seems to be in Western cultures… the lessons are important for all generations.’