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A Stream of Stories Flows Through My Veins


by Victor-M Amela, of the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia, interviews Tahir Shah. [Translation from the original Spanish piece which appeared in La Vanguardia on 2 August 2018.] TAHIR SHAH, son and representative of the Sufi writer Idries Shah I’m 51. I was born in London and live in Casablanca. I’m a writer and explorer [...]

The Sirdar Ikbal Ali Shah


by Professor L.F. Rushbrook Williams* Sirdar Ikbal Ali Shah, the father of Idries Shah, belonged to a family of Muswi Saiyids directly descended from Ali Musa Raza, the eighth Imam, and thus from the Prophet Mohammed himself. For centuries, this family has provided scholars, soldiers, and statesmen-including kinsmen of the Sassanid dynasty of Iran—who have [...]

A Quite Interesting Approach to Education


With the kind permission of Beshara magazine we repost the following interview with acclaimed Radio and TV producer John Lloyd. The interview is the sole work of Beshara magazine. In it, John Lloyd talks to Jane Clark and Hilary Papworth of Beshara about the philosophy behind the QI project among other things. John Lloyd is a television producer [...]

Empathy and the Mind


Thinking about thinking and empathy An important characteristic which distinguishes the work of Idries Shah from that of many other 20th-century exponents of Eastern thought is the emphasis placed on behaviour, ideas, stories and jokes which encourage flexible thinking Flexible thinking is alien to most belief-systems, which insist on how things have to be, [...]

Borges: Influence and Coincidence


By Sergio Missana On a visit to Buenos Aires a few years ago I was privileged to spend an afternoon in the library of Jorge Luis Borges. The hours flew by as, completely absorbed, I flicked through the author’s books. None of them were catalogued in any seeming order; rather they were arranged in what, [...]

Understanding Cults and Cult Thinking


The contribution of Idries Shah to the understanding of cults and cult thinking Until Idries Shah began writing on the subject, the word ‘cult’ tended to refer to a religious sect that was usually eccentric and possibly dangerous. It could include any quasi-religious or deeply political grouping in which the leader was idolised - hence [...]

He Who Tastes, Knows


By Steven Nightingale We must look at the world we have made: the crudity of our politics, the menace of military force, the threat of oblivion from atomic weapons; the destruction of earth’s life support systems, the fundamentalism that corrupts religious faith. What resource we might turn to, if we are to confront with [...]

Idries Shah: A brief portrait


Written by Hezhbar Shinwary Recently one of the American publishing companies requested Ms. Parveen Pazhwak to translate some children’s books.  A number of these books were sent to me for the purpose of getting acquainted.  When I observed the pictures (illustrations) and studied the books I found them to be very closely resembling the life [...]

Sufi teachings


Nasrudin was talking to a friend. “So Mullah, did you ever consider getting married?” “Yes I have,” answered Nasrudin. “When I was young, I decided to find the perfect woman. I crossed the desert, I reached Damascus and met a spiritualised and beautiful woman; but she knew nothing about the world.” Read more, here.

Idries Shah Books Now Available In American Editions


We have been working hard at releasing Idries Shah’s entire corpus in American print and eBook editions for the first time. Over the next five years, our special editorial team will be working on transferring Idries Shah’s work into American spelling and punctuation. A new American edition will be released every two months, and the last of [...]