Knowing How to Know by Idries Shah

Contemporary esoteric systems almost always play on the desire of mankind to seek or acquire knowledge. All but universally neglected in such systems are often unrecognised barriers which prevent knowledge and understanding. read more

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Before learning can take place, certain conditions and basic factors must be in place, in the individual or the group. Building on foundations laid in previous books, Idries Shah illuminates those factors in Knowing How to Know.

Like an ultraviolet light shone onto the petals of flowers, the book reveals concealed patterns, normally invisible to our customary modes of thought.

‘If you are influenced by some prestige-content in a fat book, this book is not for you, for you will be disappointed because it is not crammed with words… If you can take its message and apply it, while benefiting from its handling qualities, bulk and unspoken communication: this book is for you.’