Seeker After Truth by Idries Shah

‘A book unlike anything our own society has produced until recently, in its richness, its unexpectedness, its capacity to shock us into seeing ourselves as others see us, both personally and as a society.’

Literary Review

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A treasure trove of teaching materials, assembled in the Sufi manner.

Seeker After Truth contains both traditional tales and stories gleaned from contemporary sources, as well as snippets of table talk, discussions and teachings, letters and lectures by Idries Shah. Taken together, it constitutes a handbook of materials designed to provoke a different mode of thinking.

Shah’s book invites readers to re-examine the assumptions of their culture, which are responsible for their conditioning and outlook on life. It is because of the unreliability of human perception and memory, and the distorting influence of induced beliefs and wanting to believe, that the Sufis say that an objective perception must be acquired before even familiar things can be seen as they are.

Seeker After Truth provokes us into seeing the hidden motivations and patterns that normally go unnoticed. Like all of Shah’s works it transports the reader to new ranges of perception, according to his or her capacity.

‘... the beginnings of a short course on changing your mind.’

Robert Ornstein and Paul Ehrlich, in New World New Mind