The World of Nasrudin by Idries Shah

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The World of Nasrudin is the fourth book in the Mulla Nasrudin corpus by Idries Shah, and is the last to be published by the celebrated Afghan author.

Mulla Nasrudin is the greatest of all Middle Eastern folk heroes, whose jokes and stories are found across the Islamic World, from Morocco to Pakistan, and beyond.

Nasrudin’s many incarnations are almost as numerous as the tales he appears in: sometimes as an impoverished wanderer, a merchant, a mayor, a judge, vizier, or even the King. He is said to have been the wisest fool who ever lived – that is, if he ever did live at all.

The World of Nasrudin is a priceless storehouse of immemorial tales studied by Sufis for their hidden wisdom, and which are universally enjoyed for their humour.