Some Unusual Aspects of Communication

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by Edward Campbell A substantial extract from a fascinating account of communicating with animals that was originally an Institute for Cultural Research Lecture in 1970. The complete monograph is available for download at … A European animal trainer, a very remarkable little man called Hans Brick, was fascinated by legends of lions trained [...]

Useful Reflections on Vico and History

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by Leon Pompa   Introduction Giambattista Vico was born in 1668 in Naples, the son of a bookseller. He died in 1744, in the same year that the final and most complete version of his greatest work, the New Science was published. For most of his working life, i.e. from 1699–1741, he was a relatively [...]

The Sufis and the Greeks

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by Bijan Omrani  In The Sufis, Idries Shah devotes a chapter to the Gifts of Deep Knowledge (the Awarif el-Maarif), a thirteenth-century work which he describes being the de facto ‘standard dervish textbook’. Shah’s interest ranges, however, not just over the work itself or its original author, Sheikh Shahabudin Suhrawardi, but also over its first [...]

Publishing in a Brave New World

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by Tahir Shah When we began planning the relaunch of my father’s published work, it seemed like a relatively straight-forward endeavour. I’ve been around publishers and printers long enough to know how the system runs. I thought it would be a question of simply scanning the existing books, and reprinting them. Looking back, we [...]

Interview with James Burke

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To what extent will the future be ‘futuristic’ and to what extent will it start to increasingly resemble the past? ‘Futuristic’ is a word firmly rooted in its contemporary context. Thus the views of the future described by Jules Verne, or HG Wells or the world of Buck Rogers were all very different. I [...]

Beyond East & West

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The issue of East and West has always interested me. As both Canadian and Lebanese, I was born into it: it's the story of my family, and then became my lifelong work as a diplomat and mediator. I was born in Lebanon, a country that, in the 1960s, was a lively forum for the [...]

Filling a Gap in Knowledge

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by Sir Razik Fareed * The works of Idries Shah have accomplished the difficult task of serving readers from both the Eastern and Western worlds. This scholar has shown unusual capacity in treating some of the most difficult subjects in a manner easily understood by the layman, providing that he is prepared to approach [...]

Science and the Paranormal

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by Leonard Lewin, D.Sc. 1979 THE AUTHOR Leonard Lewin was born in 1919 in Essex, England. During World War II he worked at the British Admiralty on radar. In 1946 he joined Standard Telecommunications Laboratories (now Nortel), and became head of the Microwave Department. He is author of 40 patents and some 200 publications, [...]

The Sirdar Ikbal Ali Shah

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by Professor L.F. Rushbrook Williams* Sirdar Ikbal Ali Shah, the father of Idries Shah, belonged to a family of Muswi Saiyids directly descended from Ali Musa Raza, the eighth Imam, and thus from the Prophet Mohammed himself. For centuries, this family has provided scholars, soldiers, and statesmen-including kinsmen of the Sassanid dynasty of Iran—who have [...]

Experience, Behaviour, and Doctrine…

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... in the Quest of Man by Professor Rom Landau * Sufism is probably the most difficult subject to write about, and I feel that it is virtually impertinent of me to write about one of its exponents. If a man has lived through genuine Sufi experiences, it would amount to a sin against his [...]