Q&A with Nick Danziger

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The Author Nick Danziger is a photographer, film maker and author. His photographs have appeared in newspapers and magazines worldwide, toured museums and galleries internationally, and are held in numerous museum collections. His publications include Danziger’s Travels: Beyond Forbidden Frontiers, Danziger’s Adventures: From Miami to Kabul, and Danziger’s Britain: A Journey to the Edge. [...]

Q&A with Jessica Fox

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The Author Jessica Fox is an author, producer and director. Her work includes projects for The Honolulu Theatre for Youth, V&A Museum, Wigtown Book Festival, NASA, The Dresden Doll and her short films featured at international film festivals. Her articles have been featured in The Guardian, HelloGiggles and The Independent. Fox’s first book Three [...]

Biological and Cultural Evolution

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By Dr Mary Midgley Introduction ‘Meme’ is a word, that, meme-like, has entered the everyday language of the age. Coined by the biologist and author Richard Dawkins, a meme is seen as a viral idea, concept, joke, tune, or story that spreads quickly. It may also be important as an indication of cultural values, but [...]

Sufic Traces in Georgian Literature

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By Katharine Vivian The Author Katharine Vivian has translated several Georgian classics, notably Rustaveli’s The Knight in Panther Skin, Orbeliani’s Book of Wisdom and Lies and a section of The Georgian Chronicle. She has also contributed to symposia on the literature and culture of Georgia in London, Bari and Tbilisi. The following post is an [...]

Science, Technology and the Quality of Life

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By Dr Alexander King The Author Alexander King CMG, CBE, DSc was born 1909 in Glasgow. He read science at the universities of London and Munich, later becoming a Senior Lecturer in Physical Chemistry at Imperial College, London. In World War II he was a science adviser to the Minister of Production and later [...]

Physiological Studies of Consciousness

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By Robert Ornstein The Author Psychologist Robert Ornstein’s work has won awards from more than a dozen organisations, including the American Psychological Association and UNESCO. His research on the specialisation of the brain advanced our understanding of how we think. He has published 26 books on the human mind and brain and their relationship [...]

Some Effects of Music

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By D.B. Fry The Author Dennis Fry was Professor Emeritus of Experimental Phonetics at the University of London. His publications include Learning to Hear (with Edith Whetnall, Heineman, 1970); Homo Loquens (Cambridge, 1977); and The Physics of Speech (Cambridge, 1979). He founded and edited the quarterly Language and Speech and contributed widely to other journals [...]

The Sokodae: A West African Dance

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By Drid Williams The Author Drid Williams was a professional dancer for thirty years before becoming a social anthropologist. She completed graduate degrees from St. Hugh’s College, Oxford, in 1976. She has recently completed a book for the University of Illinois Press entitled Anthropology and The Dance: Ten Lectures (Urbana-Champaign, 2004). She has done fieldwork [...]

Cultural Imperialism

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By Robert Cecil The Author Robert Cecil, CMG, MA was Chairman of the Graduate School of Contemporary European Studies, University of Reading (1976-8), and Chairman of the Institute for Cultural Research, for which he edited an anthology, The King’s Son (Octagon Press, 1980). His other published works include Life in Edwardian England (1969), The Myth [...]

Education and Elitism in Nazi Germany

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by Robert Cecil This is a substantial extract from the original monograph which can be downloaded from: http://i-c-r.org.uk/publications/monographarchive.php Introduction The term ‘brainwashing’ has perhaps lost some of its currency in recent times through misuse, or overuse, in popular culture. Yet the activity is a constant feature of any group which seeks to fashion a [...]