Cultural Crossroads: Interview with Josh Shoemake

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Josh Shoemake is the author of Tangier: a literary guide for travellers and Planet Willie. He lived for many years in Tangier and was headmaster of the American School of Marrakech. He lives in Paris. 1. You're an expert on Tangier, which for many years was an important hub for cultural cross-over between East and West. Can [...]

Interview with Tomás Graves

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Tomás Graves is an author, musician, graphic designer and printer. He lives in Majorca and is the son of poet Robert Graves. His books include Tuning Up at Dawn and Bread and Oil: a celebration of Majorcan culture. Photo credit: Philip Rogan You're of British origin but have lived most of your life in Spain. To what extent [...]

An Elephant in the Dark

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Introduction The original review of Idries Shah’s The Sufis, written by Nobel Prize winning author Doris Lessing¹. By Doris Lessing Citizens of a certain town, mad with curiosity, sneaked a preview of a beast strange to them, an elephant. For safety's sake it was kept in the dark, and they had to rely on [...]

Evaluating Spiritual and Utopian Groups

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By Arthur J. Deikman, M.D. The Author Dr Deikman graduated from Harvard and Harvard Medical School and became Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco. He made a particular study of the relationship between the mystical tradition and modern psychotherapy. His publications include Personal Freedom (1976); The Observing Self: Mysticism [...]

Cults in 19th Century Britain

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By Robert Cecil Introduction One could easily assume that the proliferation of religious cults in the last 100 years is a unique occurrence, and is not, in fact, preceded by as many unorthodox and compelling versions of the mysteries of life and death. But as historian Robert Cecil shows, cult-thinking in the religious world is [...]

Emotionalism & The News Media

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By John Zada The rumours had been circulating for weeks: the announcement of a royal engagement was in the offing. Preparations went into high gear at the television news station to cover the announcement. We were all in a state of red-alert. And then, with little more warning, the big day came. At the [...]

The Sage of Almería

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The Author By David Pendlebury. MA. (Cantab.), MSc. (Brighton). Through reading Arabic and Persian classics in translation, he soon conceived a desire to read some of the better bits in the original. This he continues to do, when time permits. He has combined careers in language teaching (both in England and overseas) and, in later [...]

Q&A with Robert Lebling

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The Author Robert W. Lebling Jr. is an American writer/editor and communication specialist who works as a public affairs advisor for a major industrial company in Saudi Arabia. A graduate of Princeton University, he has worked as a journalist in Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and the United States. His areas of interest [...]

Q&A with Nick Danziger

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The Author Nick Danziger is a photographer, film maker and author. His photographs have appeared in newspapers and magazines worldwide, toured museums and galleries internationally, and are held in numerous museum collections. His publications include Danziger’s Travels: Beyond Forbidden Frontiers, Danziger’s Adventures: From Miami to Kabul, and Danziger’s Britain: A Journey to the Edge. [...]

Q&A with Jessica Fox

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The Author Jessica Fox is an author, producer and director. Her work includes projects for The Honolulu Theatre for Youth, V&A Museum, Wigtown Book Festival, NASA, The Dresden Doll and her short films featured at international film festivals. Her articles have been featured in The Guardian, HelloGiggles and The Independent. Fox’s first book Three [...]