3D Thinking in Design and Architecture

From Antiquity to the Future

By Roger Burrows

Published by Thames & Hudson

3D Thinking in Design and Architecture, From Antiquity to the Future, is a hefty book, a visual feast covering humanity’s use of visual pattern as ornament and architecture from the earliest days for which we have evidence, through possible future directions.

It is the harvest of the author’s life time of research into our visual thinking and underlying geometric logics. It can be dipped into for the simple pleasure of looking at the beautiful presented illustrations (over 800 of them), but the real value comes from making the effort to try to follow the author’s investigations as to ways that the designs were produced historically and suggestions as to other possible ways to produce them. I say effort, because, unless you are a professional designer, to follow closely some of his explorations will require real effort. But if you can make the effort, I think you will be amply rewarded. As for the professionals, I think they will be in designer heaven.

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