Learn Small, Learn Fast, and Find the Hidden Path to Happiness

By Robert Twigger

In Micromastery Robert Twigger details micromasteries. Micromasteries help to add to one's skills: might lead into the greater field of an over-all skill. Lift one out of a rut, improve one’s health and ability to take life’s knocks; have the potential to integrate the multiple selves masquerading as oneself. Fearful of the damage that narrowed information - over-specialising - is doing to society, Twigger, with illustrative biographies and easy prose, shows how to combat solipsistic specialisation.

Micromastery by Robert Twigger is divided into three sections:
1. Micromastery: What is it?
2. How to set about specific micromastery.
3. Micromaster your life.

Why are we here? As a goal in life it can’t be to buy more stuff, can it? It must be what Robert Twigger says it is in the last chapters of the book. What all the philosophers have said it is.

To quote Twigger: ‘We are not here for purely mundane earthbound reasons and any motivation that misses the human need to connect to the greater mysteries of life is ultimately going to short change you.’

Micromastering something helps one to be more flexible of thought, more integrated. Extending a skill base - in the process cross-fertilizing information - not only gives one a skill to put under one’s belt, it improves one’s health and chances of enjoying life; shakes off the deadening weight of a lone rut in the mud.

Large claims, but claims backed up by findings in brain science and substantiated by Twigger’s own practical skills and micromastery attempts.

The book is an answer to the present pressing tendency to ‘lone’ specialize to the great detriment of us all; a dangerous tendency beyond that of a nudnik (idiot) with a PhD. Sir Richard Frances Burton is one of the examples Twigger gives of a real ‘Sir’ and a real polymath specialist. Flexible thinking and an openness to new ideas is the name of the game. Cited examples of polymathic phases of history are Islamic Spain, Elizabethan England, revolutionary America. Periods of history characterised by optimism, new ideas, great energy.

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