We’ve been amazed and delighted by the imagination, inventiveness and talent that have been poured into creating so many of the entries to our Horrible Dib Dib Competition! Not to mention all the vivid colours!!!

Over the past few weeks, these entries have been dropping (or should we say dripping!?) into our mailbox – Dib, Dib, Dib! – from all over the world. We’ve received entries from India and Pakistan, Japan, Germany, the United States.  Even Iceland!

Choosing the winners has been tough. Our judge Safia Shah, the talent behind the creation of ISF children’s books, had to consider long and hard before reaching a verdict. And it was close. So very, very close!

So close in fact that we’ve decided that every entrant to the competition deserves to receive their very own hardback copy of The Horrible Dib Dib and a pack of colouring pencils. We’ll also be featuring many of the entries on our website and social media accounts over the coming weeks. So congratulations to you all!  Amazing job!

And now a big drum role for the winners…

Here they are:


Category One


Dib Dib competition winner - Levi

Levi (6)

Dib Dib competition winner - Ada

Ada (5)

Dib Dib competition winner - Aahraov

Aahraov (5)

Category Two


Dib Dib competition winner - Hadyn

Hadyn (12)

Dib Dib competition winner - Clark

Clark (10)

Dib Dib competition winner - Carina

Carina (10)

These six will receive a gift voucher, pack of colouring pencils, a colouring book – and of course a copy of The Horrible Dib Dib by Idries Shah along with a selection of other ISF children’s books to donate to their school library.

Thank you to all those who entered – and to the patient parents who completed the submission forms.

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