ISF-UNESCO World Tales Short Story Competition Launch

Climate change, human rights violations, conflicts, racism and discrimination are among many threats to our present and future. In the face of adversity, creative young minds need to be encouraged to find innovative solutions. With the aim to foster imagination, resourcefulness and ingenuity, UNESCO and the Idries Shah Foundation (ISF) launch the World Tales Short Story … Read More

Hand-printed books

Your generosity is making a difference. Thank you to all those who have contributed so far!

Remembering Dr Riad Kocache

We are very sorry to report that Dr Riad Kocache, a founding trustee of The Idries Shah Foundation, has died. A polymath in the truest sense of the word, Riad touched the lives of a great many people, and will be enormously missed. Riad was a friend of and adviser to Idries Shah, and taught … Read More

The ISF Event 2019

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us at The October Gallery in London for the Sixth ISF Annual Event. As always it was a joy to see so many old friends, and to receive a great many new friends as well. We took advantage of the occasion to bring everyone up to speed … Read More

Remembering Robert E. Ornstein

By Tahir Shah Do a Google search on Robert Ornstein and you’ll see right away that, as an eminent psychologist, he was a pioneering researcher into the two halves of the brain. You’ll also find that he authored and co-authored dozens of books with a wide gamut of intellectuals, and that he founded and headed … Read More

Idries Shah, Sufism and the Literary World

The following is a translation into English of an article which appeared in the Culturas supplement of the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia on 20 October 2018. You can read the article in Spanish here. ‘I am a writer who is not writing. I am not sure why.’ It’s 26 January 1972. An american author sits down to write … Read More