• ll refused to be as reasonable and as rational as we are asking children to be? Speak First and Lose shows us what could happen if adults failed to resolve their differences in an intelligent, thoughtful way. But surely grown men and women would never allow themselves to get snarled up by such trivial matters?
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  • Surely scientific scrutiny must be the only worthwhile form of research worthy of our modern times? After all, science builds on information that has been gathered and rigourously tested before. Science stretches the boundaries of our knowledge and moves us towards that which would once have been little more than a figment of our imagination. But what does scientific fact actually tell us? Does it always offer a full explanation, or could it simply be a mere part of the key needed to unlock a far more elaborate and far-reaching puzzle?
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  • When we come across something new, something alien to our everyday, our first impulse is often to rush to make sense of that unknown object, or situation or phenomenon. In our haste to understand fast, we jump to conclusions before we have spared the time to make more than the most superficial observations. Were we to give ourselves more time, we would no doubt learn more, experience more deeply, or manage to discuss our findings with those around us. But even if we were to take time, our inbuilt distrust of what we do not understand could cause us to discard or distrust the new or unknown, rather than welcoming the opportunity to add something novel to our lives.
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