Reflections by Idries Shah

‘… a lively collection of fables, comments, aphorisms, its quality astringency.’

The Observer

Available worldwide in all formats – including ebook and audio – on Amazon. In the USA go to, in the UK, in India You can also order Reflections in paperback and hardback from your local bookstore — and in the UK and USA we also recommend; and in Australia and New Zealand Booktopia. ISF also publishes an edition in Spanish, Dari, Farsi.

This pocket-size collection of wisdoms, sayings and stories inspired by Idries Shah’s observations of our psychology, is like a splash of ice water for the mind.

Small in size, but with a powerful punch, Reflections is a collection of fables, aphorisms, and statements that challenge our conditioned responses.

The book presents unusual perspectives and ideas – some of them jolting – in an attempt to break the mind free of its more conventional patterns of thinking. Like all of Shah’s works, Reflections helps the reader see things as they really are.

As the book’s foreword states, ‘Do you imagine that fables exist only to amuse or to instruct, and are based upon fiction? The best ones are delineations of what happens in real life, in the community and in the individual’s mental processes.’

‘... witty, tart and instructional – they tend to come into your mind at appropriate moments.’

The New York Times Book Review

‘Very funny ... more wisdom than I have found in any other book this year. I found myself sitting up straight.’

Pat Williams, BBC: Review of the Year