Caravan of Dreams by Idries Shah

‘One can read a story or two and be delighted. But the effect does not stop there. These stories adhere, return, seeming somehow to expand after reading into an area beyond outer consciousness. Like fine poems, their balanced harmonies appeal… they seem to enrich, elevate, nourish, without intellectualisation or special emotional attunement. The experience is more than rewarding, and impossible to forget.’

– Douglas Hill, Tribune

Available worldwide in all formats, including ebook and audio, on Amazon and on You can also order in paperback and hardback from your local bookstore — and in the UK and USA through ISF edition also available in Spanish, Dari, Farsi.

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Caravan of Dreams distils the essence of Eastern thought in a feast of stories, sayings, poems and allegories, collected by one of the world’s leading experts in Oriental philosophy.

Idries Shah builds up a complete picture of a single consciousness, relating mythology to reality, illuminating historical patterns, and presenting philosophical legends in this unique anthology.

Its title is inspired from the couplet written by the Sufi mystic Bahaudin:

‘Here we are, all of us: in a dream-caravan,
A caravan, but a dream – a dream, but a caravan.
And we know which are the dreams.
Therein lies the hope.’

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