Sufi Studies: East and West

Edited by Professor L. F. Rushbrook Williams During his lifetime Idries Shah published scores of books aimed at showing lesser-known layers and traditions of the East to the Occidental World. Forming an extraordinary corpus of work, his books span numerous distinct genres and together provide an inclusive course of study.
 First published almost fifty years ago, Sufi Studies: East and West is a collection of twenty-four papers commissioned at a major symposium in honour of Idries Shah’s services to Sufi studies, on the 700th anniversary of the death of Jalaluddin Rumi. Composed by an array of leading authors, scholars, and thinkers, the wide-ranging spectrum of articles reflect on Shah’s work and contribution to human thought.
The documents in this remarkable book highlight Shah’s work from contrasting angles, creating a uniquely three-dimensional appraisal of the corpus – considering how it came to be, what it includes, and how best to harness its material.