Sufi Thought and Action by Idries Shah

‘Idries Shah has the knack of penetrating into places, and meeting people, often entirely inaccessible to other writers’

Times Literary Supplement

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An anthology revealing the extraordinary diversity of Sufi ideas and activities in many countries and cultures around the world today.

Sufi Thought and Action is a collection of essays – assembled and introduced by Idries Shah  that explore the varying aspects and approaches to Sufism from the medieval period to modern times. Over two dozen authors from East and West draw from their unique perspectives to illuminate genuine Sufi methodologies.

In addition to first-hand accounts of Sufi learning methods, subjects covered include: the Sufi meeting place, avoiding imitators, Sufi work enterprises, worldly and spiritual progress, entry into a Sufi group, the Sufi adept and the projection of mind, extrasensory perception, and more.

Shah’s introduction begins, ‘The object of Sufi spiritual teaching can be expressed as: to help to refine the individual’s consciousness so that it may reach the Radiances of Truth, from which one is cut off by ordinary activities of the world.’

Through its patchwork of specialist testimonies, Sufi Thought and Action forms a picture of the immemorial wisdom tradition that underscores all others.