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The Sufis

What is Sufism?

 The book follows the Sufi principle of ‘scatter’ in answering this unanswerable question.
 It deliberately shies away from offering an ordered definition.

Instead, it throws out ideas.

Like fragments of light on dust particles, they reveal the shape of something intangible.
 Neither emotionalist nor academic, this book offers the closest thing a written work can to an experience of Sufism.
When it came out in 1964 it was incredibly influential, attracting admirers such as Robert Graves (who wrote the original introduction), Ted Hughes and Doris Lessing.

It’s the most important modern book written on Sufism. 

A must-read for any serious student of Sufi thought.

Ted Hughes wrote of it: An astonishing book. The Sufis must be the biggest society of sensible men on earth; and Nobel laureate Doris Lessing said of it: I had waited my entire life to read this book.

Large Print edition available. Index Edition also available with detailed index. 

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