The World of the Sufi by Idries Shah

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A comprehensive collection of authoritative and fascinating essays, assembled by Idries Shah, on the subject of Sufi thought.

The World of the Sufi is an anthology of papers written by a cross-section of experts in their fields about the impact of Sufism in the modern world.

The book’s value lies in the way that it considers the study of Sufism from a variety of different angles and perspectives. Sufi literature, the use of humour, and Sufi communities in various cultural settings around the world, are some of the many subjects discussed.

The articles in this anthology reflect unique topics and viewpoints that have seldom been explored elsewhere and include: Sufism and Psychiatry, Indian Thought and the Sufis, and Therapy and the Sufi.

Idries Shah, Doris Lessing, Peter Brent and Dr Arthur J. Deikman are among the book’s nearly two dozen learned contributors.

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